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Fishing with the BABY BASS LURE

TJ Onken
A DAY TO REMEMBER. In late June 2011 I was invited to fish a local farm pond with a couple of my friends. I only had two hours to fish before leaving for another meeting. The farm pond had a good filter area around it and the water was very clear. A storm front had just moved thru the area when we started fishing at 1:00 pm. When we quit fishing at 3:00 pm we had caught 67 large mouth bass and 6 nice crappie between 12 and 14 inches in length. Most of the bass ran between 1.5 pounds and 3 pounds. I used a 2 inch natural Baby Bass with a beetle spin type harness with a 1/8 oz. jig head. My two friends fished a 3 inch natural Baby Bass lure with a 1/4 oz. jig head and no beetle spin harness.

Ross Fee
In the spring of 2010 Ross Fee caught what I believe to be the largest fish caught to date on a 2 inch Natural Baby Bass lure. He was fishing below the dam at Lake Red Rock. His equipment was a micro light crappie rod spooled with 4-pound test line.
When the big fish hit Ross knew from previous experience exactly what he had on the end of his line. It was a very large Flathead Catfish. Ross told me that he fought the fish for well over an hour before two friends of his were able to land it with a net. When weighed this fish scaled just over 42 pounds.
Rich Baily was the net man and Melvin Temple added moral support. Unfortunately neither of these three men had a camera with them. There were some bystanders who did take pictures and if anyone of them reads this testimonial please send me a picture of Ross with his fish. I would like to post it on our web site.
-Recorded by TJ

Scott Thomas
I wanted to let you know that I started using your lures in 2010 after you gave me a few samples. I was immediately hooked (no pun intended) after the success I had during my very first fishing trip. They have worked great on everything from bass, white bass, stripers, crappie, blue gill, and walleye. I have even caught a fair number of nice catfish using your 3 inch lures when I have actually been fishing for other species. I really like the color on the natural baby bass lures and the tail action is nothing short of FANTASTIC. I have had great success using them with a Beetle Spin type harness when fishing the clear water farm ponds. Often times you will actually see 2 or more fish going after the same lure. I am looking forward to another great season for 2011. Thanks again for introducing me to what I consider my favorite lure.

Ken Wymore
The first time that I used your 3-inch Baby Bass lures I caught 16 Walleye and 3 Smallmouth Bass. I took home my limit of 18 inch Walleye and released the rest of the fish. I have also caught my limit of crappie a number of times with the 2-inch Baby bass lures. They are now my lure of choice whenever I go fishing.

Chuck Thomas
Thanks for the baby bass lures. I felt I had to write you. I have made at least 50 trips into the North Ontario wilderness for fishing, and always have tried to get real minnows to take in for use with my bottom bouncers and Lindy or Little Joe-type rigs to troll for walleyes.  Earlier this month, we were headed for north of Thunder Bay (Armstrong Station to be exact), when I tried to arrange for live minnows, I was told they wouldn't live so we couldn't have any. So…I took along the baby bass lures you had given me. Well….I can't tell you how glad I was that I did. We had a great time with them…caught lots and lots of walleyes and even several northerns. Sometimes, we'd rig up, then drop the lures over the side before actually starting to troll………..and would catch a walleye as the lure settled toward the bottom. My boat partner, John Harms, said it was the best walleye fishing he had ever had. You can't get it any better than. Thanks again for your help.
September 14, 2010

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