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Membership in the Lithic Artists Guild is an honor that is offered to the best artists of the modern Flintknapping movement. In order to earn membership a new candidate must either be sponsored by an existing member and then be approved by the Guild, or submit five sample pieces of their best work for review. (All pieces will be returned once a decision has been made.)
A new member can join as either a Publishing or a non-Publishing member. Pages in the Modern Lithic Artists Journals are available only to Publishing members in good standing.

For more information on how to be considered for membership in the Guild, please contact TJ Onken.

2011 Membership, Renewal, and Journal number 8 information

September 1, 2010 marks the start of the Guild's seventh year of operation. The Guild will publish one Journal in 2011. The front cover will feature points made by artist Ed Moreland and the Journal will be introduced at the fall Flint Ridge Knap-In event. The shipping deadline for artwork for Guild members is June 1, 2011. The per page cost for participating in Journal number 8 is $100.00 each. The renewal dues for 2011 are $50.00 and that includes a copy of our latest Journal. New membership costs are $100.00.